Power of 6
Power of 6 is a course Cliff created to teach entrepreneurs to take control of their life and lead more effectively. It's based on Cliff's "Fighter Paradigm" where he teaches clients to view life through the eyes of a fighter stepping into the ring.

The Power of 6 course is 10 modules with over 2 and a half hours of valuable content plus a workbook full of actionable tools, tactics and strategies that Cliff's developed over years of fighting professionally and performing at the highest level. For those who aren't in a place to join Cliff's "inner circle" and work 1 on 1 with him (or if you're a DIY kind of person) the Power of 6 is a great way to get Cliff's amazing transformational advice and learn his "Fighters Paradigm" for a smaller investment.

Power of 6 is a refreshing new way to rewire your brain and make success a habit. You'll change any limiting beliefs you may have and quickly destroy barriers that are holding you back in life. You'll set bigger goals than you ever dreamed possible and through Cliff's "chunking" method of planning have a personal blue print to guide you down your own personal path to success. You'll take relentless, passionate action every day and learn to truly believe in your ability to manifest your goals in reality. Get the course, do the work, get results. It's that simple.
Hellen Tribble
"This should be in schools... it's a course I think everyone should take!"
Ready to Succeed at the Highest Level?
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